Stretchlinks Podcast #7: “Lawn Chair Part 2”

April 7, 2009

The Stretchlinks, America\’s haymakers of jocularity!Despite the advice of friends and family, Heinous and Wonkles are back with Lawnchair Part 2, aka episode 7 of the Stretchlinks Podcast. Gape in wonder as the boys premiere their sparkly new interview segment, Living The Life Of. Joining America’s sons of funny is their old pal Nib Geebles, famed author, artist and creator of the 2009 Calendar That Time Forgot. Shuffle through the exploding, talking-sink-classic Why Not, clutch your sanity for the mind-folding Nugget Of Wonderness, Lawnchair Part 2 and peek into the human folly of Nib Geebles’ genius with Toady Lovehandles from Nib’s spoken word CD release, Teenager. Warning: No one will be seated during the tasteless hamburgaler reminisce!

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Stretchlinks Podcast #6: “Lawn chair part 1”

December 22, 2008

It’s Episode 6 of The Stretchlinks Podcast. More sonic lobe-lashing from Heinous and Wonkles aka, The Stretchlinks. Be devastated by their stunning love ballad, Beautiful Moonlight. Share new Don’t Touch That Feces bluster, probing the struggles of America’s gun-toting bookstore patrons. Get super wistful with the Links’ bands-of-the-past mailbag reminisce. And feel the joy of aluminum patio furniture in this episodes’ hard-sell Nugget Of Wonderness, Lawnchair Part 1.

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Stretchlinks Podcast #3: “Bicycle Assembly”

August 17, 2008

Its the Stretchlinks Podcast Episode 3 entitled, “Bicycle Assembly”, another hi-octane delight from the comedy music duo, Heinous and Wonkles. Join the Links as they transport us with the improv romp “Albatross U.S.A.”. Hear first hand of the boy’s lost music video past. Squirm during “Don’t Touch That Feces” as you ask yourself “do we need holidays for psychopaths?” And get super happy with “Bicycle Assembly”, another unsalted “Nugget Of Wonderness”. Go quick like a bunny to

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