Podcasts December 22, 2008

Stretchlinks Podcast #6: “Lawn chair part 1”

by Stretchlinks

It’s Episode 6 of The Stretchlinks Podcast. More sonic lobe-lashing from Heinous and Wonkles aka, The Stretchlinks. Be devastated by their stunning love ballad, Beautiful Moonlight. Share new Don’t Touch That Feces bluster, probing the struggles of America’s gun-toting bookstore patrons. Get super wistful with the Links’ bands-of-the-past mailbag reminisce. And welcome the passion of aluminum patio furniture in this weeks hard-sell Nugget Of Wonderness, Lawnchair Part 1. PLAY HERE

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  • Ok Now that I am addicted how often are you guys putting out pod casts? and can you please put my favorite stretch links cover “Plastic Jesus” (No one does that song like you guys!!! ) Up on your website???

  • Dear Kate,
    Thank you so much for your addiction. The machine that makes the podcasts is a slow one, it needs regular kicks and cajoling – but we assure you that new episodes are on the way. Plastic Jesus will be featured in an upcoming show as well as on our site very soon, air fresheners and all. In the meantime, keep the comments rolling and thanks for your audience!

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