Stretchlinks Podcast #8: Geebles Was His Name – yummy funny

Stretchlinks Podcast #8: Geebles Was His Name – yummy funny

It’s a yummy episode 8 of the Stretchinks Podcast, entitled “Geebles Was His Name”. Join comedy music hosts Heinous and Wonkles as they go-cart through the giddy homicidal pining of “I’m Still In Love With You”. Explore the buzzing of your inner honey bee in this show’s Don’t Touch That Feces. Relive Geebles’ slow vegetable slices in this weeks Nugget Of Wonderness. And discover the scorched earth listening habits of your fellow Stretchheads! Giggle now at  PLAY HERE

Stretchlinks Podcast #6: “Lawn chair part 1”

Stretchlinks Podcast #6: “Lawn chair part 1”

It’s Episode 6 of The Stretchlinks Podcast. More sonic lobe-lashing from Heinous and Wonkles aka, The Stretchlinks. Be devastated by their stunning love ballad, Beautiful Moonlight. Share new Don’t Touch That Feces bluster, probing the struggles of America’s gun-toting bookstore patrons. Get super wistful with the Links’ bands-of-the-past mailbag reminisce. And welcome the passion of aluminum patio furniture in this weeks hard-sell Nugget Of Wonderness, Lawnchair Part 1. PLAY HERE

Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Beautiful Moonlight”

“Beautiful Moonlight”

– Lyrics and Music © 1989 The Stretchlinks

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Don’t forget that I’m here behind that tree

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Please don’t forget me as you talk to that person down the street

That I’m standing behind the tree

Beautiful moonlight, Beautiful moonlight

Don’t forget the sacrifices I’ve made for you

Don’t forget the beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

I’m holding the bag, holding the bag for you babe

Don’t forget beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Sacrifices have been made to maintain our friendship and I

Don’t regret it, don’t regret it. But remember the

Beautiful moonlight, we’re talking beautiful moonlight

Just take a look and

Beautiful moonlight

It’s up there through the window

I’m behind the tree, remember me

I’m still holding the bag for you babe

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Stretchlinks Podcast #5: “Wally’s Got A Cigar Store”

Stretchlinks Podcast #5: “Wally’s Got A Cigar Store”

Fall face first into Episode 5 of The Stretchlinks Podcast. Another elastic melee by Heinous and Wonkles, aka The Stretchlinks. Spit-shine your blowguns for this episodes’ edge-of-your-seat tragicomedy, Bobby Regus. Fly on the wall your bad Freudian selves as the Links share personal dreamscapes – revealing a startling love of Borgnine and office building motorsports. Audio-oggle the Mailbag as we hear of Iceburg Slim, the ill-fated black cat of Taravel Ave. And please don’t forget your matches for this episode’s incendiary Nugget Of Wonderness, Wally Had A Cigar Store. PLAY HERE