Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Mr. Baggie”

“Mr. Baggie”

Lryics and music © 1988 The Stretchlinks

Mr. Baggy, Mr. Baggy lives in a town in a house. He never smiles, he walks the streets. Haven’t you noticed that Mr. Baggy?

Mr. Baggy went to work at a job he didn’t like. He lost his car, he hates the bus. He rides to work on a rusty bike.

Mr. Baggy and Mrs. Baggy they got married and had three kids of their own.

Mrs. Baggy, Mrs. Baggy she weighed 500 pounds. She watched T.V. and kept on growing and had that

problem when you fall asleep when you talk.

Don’t you think it’s odd, he wears bags on top of his head? That manifest his hopes that

his wife will soon be dead. But what could he do?

Mrs. Baggy had narcolepsy and Mr. Baggy wore bags on top of his head.

Mr. Baggy watched the news and screamed that the world was insane. His throat swelled up, he could not speak, he moved his things near the basement furnace.

Mr. Baggy had a gripe with Merv and a gripe with game show hosts. He dove right through his T.V. set. It burned his hair , it tore his flesh, it ripped the ears right off of his head.

Don’t you think it’s odd, he wears bags on top of his head? It’s lucky that he had one for his ears they bled and bled. But what could he do?

Mr. Baggy had three kids, they lit a fire under the house. They stole a gun, and shot a dog, they made crank calls to eastern Europe.

Mr. Baggy late at night, talked to the furnace for hours.He slowly burned all that he owned and all the while wore his favorite baggy.

Mrs. Baggy, she could barely move. She searched the house for Mr. Baggy.

Don’t you think it’s odd, he wears bags on top of his head? It illustrates to passersby his life is filled with dread. But what could he do?

But what could he do?

Stretchlinks Podcast #2: “Brain Song”

Stretchlinks Podcast #2: “Brain Song”

We made it to Episode 2 of the Stretchlinks Podcast entitled, “Brain Song”. Another comedy and musical skirmish by Heinous and Wonkles, aka, the Stretchlinks. Enjoy a listen to the Links’ fav “Mr. Baggie”, experience a “Dont Touch That Feces” ranting on the societal scourge of “.9”, brace for this episodes “Nugget Of Wonderness” and join in the memories of their infamous two city world tour. And please do comment on our clamoring! PLAY HERE