Podcasts July 20, 2008

Stretchlinks Podcast #2: “Brain Song”

by Stretchlinks

We made it to Episode 2 of the Stretchlinks Podcast entitled, “Brain Song”. Another comedy and musical skirmish by Heinous and Wonkles, aka, the Stretchlinks. Enjoy a listen to the Links’ fav “Mr. Baggie”, experience a “Dont Touch That Feces” ranting on the societal scourge of “.9”, brace for this episodes “Nugget Of Wonderness” and join in the memories of their infamous two city world tour. And please do comment on our clamoring! PLAY HERE

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  • More! More! I’m still not satisfied.

  • Dear Stretchlinks,

    Each revisiting of song amid ramble of comment, reflection, and exclamation (i.e., each of your podcasts) has been an erratic thrill for me. While I admit originally surfing the Internet for an erotic one, this turns out to be much better. I wonder if you, the Stretchlinks, are aware of another once-SF-based now NYC-based band, very different yet oddly akin, at least it seems to me, called American Astronaut (formerly The Billy Nayer Show)? I was fans of both the Stretchlinks and The Billy Nayer Show in what I guess must have been the 1990s, and they got me through some otherwise pretty embarrassing years. (Since then, you may be interested to learn, I have sought and received treatment for this condition, whose medical name is Acute Sensed Stupidity Embarrassment Disorder or ASSED.) I still thoroughly enjoy, I am thankful to say, the Stretchlinks canon, the entirety of which I look forward to revisiting in these transmissions of ramble-talk and recording-playback assemblages.

    Remarkably unselfconsciously yours,

    RR Hardy

  • Dear RR,

    Thank you for expressing your erratic thrills. We are not aware of the Astronaut/Nayer items you mentioned but will certainly begin some digital probing on the matter. We are pleased you have treated your ASSED condition. It is always prudent to be honest with your doctor or spiritual leader regarding such matters. We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for your kind words re our attempts to make noise in public. We ask only (with the greatest humility) that you relentlessly share us with your friends and family up to (but not including) the point that they begin to hate you for it.

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