Podcasts August 17, 2008

Stretchlinks Podcast #3: “Bicycle Assembly”

by Stretchlinks

It’s Episode 3 of the Stretchlinks Podcast entitled, Bicycle Assembly. Another high-octane delight form the comedy music duo, Heinous and Wonkles. Join the Links as they transport us with the improv romp Albatross U.S.A.. Hear first hand of the boy’s lost music video past. Squirm during Don’t Touch That Feces as you ask yourself, do we really need holidays for psychopaths? And get super happy with Bicycle Assembly, another unsalted Nugget Of Wonderness. PLAY HERE

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  • How are you handling your new found fame and fortune?

  • Heinous will not come out of his room. He hates the Paparazzi. There was an incident many years ago where one of his treasured ukes was crushed by a mob of fans and his fingers left bloody with splinters. He has never fully recovered. But he has used his swelling bank account to add to his renowned stamp collection. Wonkles on the other hand has embraced the spotlight and is exploiting his influence to acquire over 78 fast food franchises and sway world leaders. Thanks for asking!

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