Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Albatross U.S.A.”

“Albatross U.S.A”

Words and Music by The Stretchlinks

© 1989 Just Happy Music

(Spoken):  ”O.k., well now we’re going and now it’s something good”.

Oklahoma’s awfully far away so we won’t but a ticket to Albatross.

Well we thought about New York City but it’s much too busy and we thought about Albatross

so we’ll go now.

We’re talking Albatross it’s in the U.S.A. and it’s the place to be where people don’t think about

their pants or their shoes.

Just a sky that’s blue. And in the sky it’s raining now.

Well I thought about Cleveland, thought about Columbus, thought about L.A.,

thought about Toronto, but I really think Albatross is the place, it’s got a sky.

And it really thinks about itself. It’s very self-contemplative.

Albatross is the place and everyone goes there.

They have town meetings where people discuss emotional behaviors.

They have a sewer that’s barely underway.

Thought about it but, thought about it, thought about Nebraska or Hawaii, thought about

Europe too but it’s just too spacious and culturally vast.

So, Albatross is the place I’m going. Bought a ticket, on my way.

Thought about something else. Like a mind- expansion experiment.

Plug wires into my brain. But it… got arrested. Albatross it’s the place I know I was

I may not find that it doesn’t exist.

Got a piece of twine wrapped around my finger. It’s gonna help me figure out just where I’m going.

It’ll remind me of a… well… remind me to go… ya’ know people they think that if you’re very spacious,

your mind will evaporate.

Albatross… yeah yeah… it’s only, 40 kilometers… yeah yeah yeah.

Albatross yeah… I’m gonna take myself away into that place where I’m gonna be.

Ya’ know it’s not Hawaii it’s not New York or Chicago or Los Angeles or Tampa Bay no

but it’s, it’s got a sewer that’s barely underway.

It’s got a library. Five books about how to repair your tractor… Al… I’m not even sure that it exists but

I’m gonna go now! Lookout! I got a place to be now. Got a place to be. Everyone’s jealous ’cause

here I go now.

Albatross U.S.A. just take it down… there’s a sign and then follow the dog, there’s a big Doberman

he, he marks the way. Albatross… and… o.k… everybody… o.k. now.

Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Charlotte The Dunk Tank Girl”

“Charlotte The Dunk Tank Girl”

Lyrics and Music © 1989 The Stretchlinks

Now Charlotte was a country girl whose figure was ideal. But she was naive and easily persuaded by a smooth-talkin’ carney to don a revealing bikini and sit in the dunk tank near the ring toss.

She thought she was on her way to Hollywood, so she didn’t concern herself with how deep the water was. Besides, no one even bothered to find out if she could swim or not.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

They say that when Boris Kovatch was repairing track up on the Big Dipper, her transparent specter hovered near the edge of the railing he slipped over.

Some say he was drunk and fell over, but others believe he was pushed and that with his last breath he whispered Charlotte’s name to the crowd that surrounded him.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

One year later Charlotte’s old boyfriend tried to go through the Tunnel Of Love with a new girl. When they came out the boys arms and legs were torn off, and his heart ripped right out of his body.

The girl must have caught a glimpse of Charlotte, for she was made blind as a bat and stark-raving mad.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

When a fat redneck sheriff lost all his money at the shooting gallery he decided it was rigged and beat the carney with a blackjack until the carney’s 12-year-old deaf & dumb son panicked and stabbed him in the butt with a pen knife.

The sheriff shot him dead and was then killed by the grief-stricken carny with one of the rifles used to shoot the lead ducks that go around and around and around.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

No one knows how long Charlotte’s spirit will haunt the carnival. Most seem to think she won’t quit until it’s shut down for good.

So the next time the carnival comes to your town and you feel like going for a cheap thrill, just remember…the thrill you seek could be your last.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte dunk tank girl.

Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Hang Around”

“I Hang Around”

Lryics and music © 1988 The Stretchlinks

When I saw you at the checkout counter buying paper towels and Lucky Charms, I said, “Wow”!

You stood quite near me you were sweating you’d been running I thought to myself, “Holy cow”!

I realize you’re a special kind of girl. That’s why I hang around.

You wear clothes that really reek of gasoline and toxins well that’s okay.

You don’t wash your hair as often as the other girls but whadda they know anyway?

I realize you’re a special kind of girl. That’s why I hang around.

When we make love and our body parts they coincide just like a dictionary.

Your arms are my arms, your legs are my legs too and every part seems to coincide. Just side by side.

But if you leave I won’t be able to sway my hips. Don’t go. Don’t go away.

My friends they think I’m crazy ’cause I make collections of your noises. I tape record them and put them in

a filing cabinet. With dates on them so that I can remember every little giggle, every little sneeze, every

way you express yourself to me.

I realize you’re a special kind of girl. That’s why I hang around.

I realize you’re a special kind of girl. That’s why I hang around.

Hang around… hang around… hang around