Stretchlinks’ Lyrics: “Why Not”

“Why Not”

Music and Lyrics
©1989 The Stretchlinks

I called up my baby on Saturday night
I said, let’s go to the movies and she said all right
I said I’ll go to the drugstore and get us some beer
And then we’ll go to the drive in, how’d that be dear?
She said uh
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!
Well soon at the drive in we were cuddling close
My girl whispered to me that I was the most
I said, come on precious baby I think that your fine
Let’s hop in the back seat so we can recline.
She said uh
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!
Well I still remember that passion filled night.
When me and my baby we held us so tight
Well soon my sweet baby well she was with child
She said we must marry and I sort of smiled and said
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!
I dropped out of high school to join the marines
But since I had asthma and was till in my teens
That said go to a trade school and learn how to weld
I got so excited I jumped up and yelled, I said
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!
I had all the happiness a union job brings
I was workin’ and a weldin’ buildin’ large metal things
We soon had a child and large credit line
My wife now wants a dachshund I guess that that’s fine
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!
Now welding for a living leaves a man time to think
And soon a raspy demon’s voice would emanate from my sink
And say Satin is angry, his name’s been defiled
You must strangle your wife and blow up your child
I said uh, Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Why Not!
Well here in my prison cell they thought I’d atone
But since there’s a sink here well I wasn’t alone
The sink often told me just how Satin felt
And told me to hang myself using my belt I said uh
Right then, Why Not!
Right then, Uh! Why Not!

Stretchlinks Podcast #7: “Lawn Chair Part 2”

Stretchlinks Podcast #7: “Lawn Chair Part 2”

Despite the advice of friends and family, Heinous and Wonkles are back with Lawnchair Part 2, aka episode 7 of the Stretchlinks Podcast. Gape in wonder as the boys premiere their sparkly new interview segment, Living The Life Of. Joining America’s sons of funny is their old pal Nib Geebles, famed author, artist and creator of the 2009 Calendar That Time Forgot. Shuffle through the exploding, talking-sink-classic, Why Not, clutch your sanity for the mind-folding Nugget Of Wonderness, Lawnchair Part 2 and peek into the human folly of Nib Geebles’ genius with Toady Lovehandles from Nib’s spoken word CD release, Teenager. Warning: No one will be seated during the tasteless hamburgaler reminisce! PLAY HERE

Stretchlinks Lyrics: “Beautiful Moonlight”

“Beautiful Moonlight”

– Lyrics and Music © 1989 The Stretchlinks

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Don’t forget that I’m here behind that tree

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Please don’t forget me as you talk to that person down the street

That I’m standing behind the tree

Beautiful moonlight, Beautiful moonlight

Don’t forget the sacrifices I’ve made for you

Don’t forget the beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

I’m holding the bag, holding the bag for you babe

Don’t forget beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight

Sacrifices have been made to maintain our friendship and I

Don’t regret it, don’t regret it. But remember the

Beautiful moonlight, we’re talking beautiful moonlight

Just take a look and

Beautiful moonlight

It’s up there through the window

I’m behind the tree, remember me

I’m still holding the bag for you babe

Beautiful moonlight, beautiful moonlight